Whether enjoying a family game night, gathering with friends, or spending a quiet night at home with your spouse, Rocket Fire™ will fuel your passion for competitive gameplay and ignite the excitement involved in racing to the stars!

The gameplay of Rocket Fire™ is a blend of luck and strategy. Luck adds excitement to the game, for example getting the right roll to resolve fuel cards, and drawing the right power card when you need it. Luck adds a dramatic element to the game, but too much luck starts to make the game feel like the outcome is completely out of your control and what you do doesn’t matter. We balanced this by adding strategy to the gameplay and putting emphasis on making your decisions matter.

Strategy in Rocket Fire™ starts with what resource cards to reserve so that you have the number and color of chips you need to reserve fuel cards and play power cards. Planning ahead to reserve the right fuel cards so that you get to 6 rockets as fast as possible. The main source of strategy in Rocket Fire™ comes from Power Cards. When and how you play these cards can have a large impact on the outcome of the game.

The gameplay flow of Rocket Fire™ uses resource cards to acquire chips, then use your chips to reserve fuel cards, resolve fuel cards to gain fuel cells, and trade in fuel cells to build rockets. Power cards can be used to disrupt opponents or boost your progress.

Rocket Fire™ - Space Exploration Board Game is a complete game with all you need in one box. It features:

  • 175 Unique Playing Cards which include Resources Cards, Fuel Cards, and Power Cards
  • 60 Playing Chips in 4 Colors - Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green
  • Uniquely Designed Dice
  • 4 Innovative Playboards
  • 24 Wooden Rockets
  • 36 Wooden Hexagon Fuel Cells
  • 60 Punchout Pieces
  • Rulebook