About The Author

Creating ‘Rocket Fire’ on the foundations of pure entertainment and an intense passion for board games, Michael Sacco is a longstanding game developer who enjoys every moment of delivering households what they value the most: genuine, connective experiences that are as fun as they are strategically stimulating. Accentuating family dynamics with doses of wholesome competition, Michael brings with him an extensive history supporting the entertainment sector both traditionally and digitally. Even more, he loves leveraging that acumen to not just propel the quality over quantity gaming experience forward, but do so all while demonstrating just how valuable face-to-face connection and healthy competition truly are.

Born and raised in Mountain View CA until his school years. All school years in Orlando Fl. Michael discovered his enthusiasm for the gaming industry early on. With this as his base, it became the catalyst for Michael to pursue higher education in Game Development at Full Sail University. Since then, Michael has spent his career working for several renowned gaming organizations, including being a Game Programmer for both Black Ops Entertainment and Redstorm, as well as an AI Programmer for Liquid Entertainment. Now bridging those experiences with his love for board games, Michael has since authored the new sensational game ‘Rocket Fire’ - a fun, competitive, and addicting board game of strategy that no doubt will become a staple of family game night.

Overall, Michael designed and developed ‘Rocket Fire’ on the cornerstones of passion and progressive mental challenge. But more importantly, on the baseline of bringing families together over a good game, good laughs, and good times.