Wingspan Asia Expansion is an exciting addition to the critically acclaimed board game Wingspan

"Wingspan: Asia Expansion" is an exciting addition to the critically acclaimed board game "Wingspan" designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games. This expansion introduces new bird cards, player mats, and gameplay elements that enhance the base game's experience. Let's explore the contents of the "Wingspan: Asia Expansion," its gameplay, and address common questions about this captivating addition to the "Wingspan" universe.


The "Wingspan: Asia Expansion" includes a variety of components that add depth and variety to the base game:

  1. New Bird Cards: This expansion introduces over 50 new bird cards featuring species native to Asia. These cards showcase the region's diverse avian life, adding new strategies and opportunities for players to explore.

  2. New Player Mats: Players receive additional player mats that feature habitats found in Asia, such as forests, wetlands, and grasslands. These mats provide new options for players to customize their habitats and attract different bird species.

  3. New Goal Tiles: The expansion includes new goal tiles that offer unique challenges and objectives for players to pursue during the game. These goals add replayability and strategic depth to each session.

  4. New Bonus Cards: Bonus cards in the "Wingspan: Asia Expansion" provide players with additional ways to score points based on specific criteria, such as bird diversity or habitat specialization.

  5. New Food Tokens: The expansion introduces new food tokens representing insects and other food sources commonly found in Asia. These tokens add thematic immersion and gameplay variety.


"Wingspan: Asia Expansion" seamlessly integrates with the base game, offering players new opportunities to expand their bird collections and habitats. Players continue to attract birds to their habitats, lay eggs, and gather food while strategically managing their resources to maximize their points.

The new bird cards and player mats introduce fresh strategies and synergies, allowing players to explore different approaches to building their aviaries. With the addition of new goal tiles and bonus cards, players must adapt their strategies to meet diverse objectives and outmaneuver their opponents.

As players discover and appreciate the unique bird species of Asia, they immerse themselves in the rich natural world depicted in "Wingspan," fostering appreciation for biodiversity and ecological conservation.

Common Questions (Q&A):

  1. Q: Can "Wingspan: Asia Expansion" be played without the base game?

    • A: No, "Wingspan: Asia Expansion" is an expansion and requires the base game "Wingspan" to play. The expansion introduces new components and mechanics that complement the base game's gameplay.
  2. Q: How does the "Wingspan: Asia Expansion" affect the game's difficulty?

    • A: The expansion adds new bird cards, player mats, and goals, which can increase the game's complexity and strategic depth. However, players familiar with the base game should find the expansion's mechanics intuitive and engaging.
  3. Q: Are there any new mechanics introduced in the "Wingspan: Asia Expansion"?

    • A: While the core mechanics of "Wingspan" remain unchanged, the expansion introduces new goal tiles and bonus cards that offer additional ways to score points and interact with the game's components.
  4. Q: How many players can play "Wingspan: Asia Expansion"?

    • A: "Wingspan: Asia Expansion" supports 1 to 5 players, allowing for solo play or multiplayer games with friends and family.
  5. Q: Is "Wingspan: Asia Expansion" suitable for experienced players?

    • A: Yes, experienced players will appreciate the expansion's new content, which adds depth and variety to the base game. The new bird cards, player mats, and goals offer fresh challenges and opportunities for strategic play.

In summary, "Wingspan: Asia Expansion" enhances the "Wingspan" experience with new bird species, player mats, and gameplay elements inspired by the diverse ecosystems of Asia. Whether playing solo or with friends, players will delight in discovering and attracting the region's unique birdlife while honing their strategic skills and appreciation for nature.

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