How many properties are in the pink color group in Monopoly?

In the classic version of Monopoly, the pink color group consists of three properties. Monopoly is a popular board game published by Hasbro, where players aim to buy, develop, and manage properties to accumulate wealth and bankrupt their opponents.

The pink color group is located on the side of the game board between the orange and red color groups. The three properties in the pink color group are:

  1. Mediterranean Avenue: Mediterranean Avenue is the cheapest property in the pink color group. It is located on the first side of the board, right after the "Go" space. The purchase price for Mediterranean Avenue is the lowest among all the properties in the game.
  2. Baltic Avenue: Baltic Avenue is the second property in the pink color group. It is situated next to Mediterranean Avenue, closer to the corner of the board. While still relatively affordable, Baltic Avenue has a higher purchase price compared to Mediterranean Avenue.
  3. Oriental Avenue: Oriental Avenue is the third and final property in the pink color group. It is positioned at the end of the pink color group, just before the Light Blue color group. Oriental Avenue has the highest purchase price among the three properties in the pink color group.

The rent for each property within the pink color group increases as players develop the properties with houses and hotels. The rent for an undeveloped property is relatively low compared to the other color groups, but it can become substantial as houses and hotels are added.

As with all other color groups in Monopoly, owning all three properties in the pink color group allows players to build houses and hotels, increasing the rental income generated from those properties. Developing the pink color group with houses and hotels can make it a more profitable asset, especially if opponents land on those properties frequently.

Monopoly has various editions and themed versions that may introduce additional properties or modify the colors and names of the original properties. However, in the classic version of the game, the pink color group consists of the aforementioned three properties: Mediterranean Avenue, Baltic Avenue, and Oriental Avenue.

Understanding the value and strategic potential of different color groups, including the pink color group, is essential for successful gameplay in Monopoly. Players aim to build monopolies, collect rent from opponents who land on their properties, and ultimately bankrupt their rivals to emerge as the wealthiest player in the game.