What is the objective of the game Risk: Legacy?

The objective of the game Risk: Legacy is to conquer the world and establish dominance by strategically controlling territories, forming alliances, and engaging in battles with other players. However, what sets Risk: Legacy apart from the traditional version of Risk is its unique twist and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Risk: Legacy is a board game designed by Rob Daviau and published by Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast. It introduces a dynamic and evolving game world where each playthrough permanently alters the game board, rules, and components. The game is played over a series of sessions, referred to as "campaigns," with each campaign building upon the previous one.

At the start of a Risk: Legacy campaign, players select a faction to represent and are given a set of starting territories on the game board. The objective is to secure and expand their territories, ultimately achieving global domination. Players take turns deploying troops, attacking neighboring territories, and fortifying their positions.

What makes Risk: Legacy truly unique is the concept of "legacy." As the game progresses through different campaigns, players unlock sealed packets containing new rules, events, factions, or components. These additions are permanently added to the game, shaping its future sessions. Players can name territories, alter borders, and even modify the rules of the game itself. The choices and outcomes of each campaign have lasting consequences, creating a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

The ultimate objective in Risk: Legacy, beyond the individual campaign victories, is to leave a lasting impact on the game world. The actions taken by players in one campaign can shape the conditions and dynamics of future campaigns. For example, a faction that wins a campaign may gain an advantage or unlock special abilities in subsequent sessions. Similarly, territories or cities that have been heavily fortified or scarred by battles may carry over their effects into future games.

Risk: Legacy embraces the concept of player agency and narrative storytelling. The game encourages players to forge alliances, negotiate treaties, and engage in diplomatic maneuvering to gain advantages over their opponents. The ever-changing game board, along with the permanent modifications made during each campaign, ensures that no two games are alike.

The objective of Risk: Legacy extends beyond a single session, promoting long-term engagement and investment. The decisions made in one game can have repercussions in future games, creating a sense of continuity and narrative progression. This dynamic gameplay structure makes each campaign of Risk: Legacy a memorable and personalized experience for the players involved.

In summary, the objective of Risk: Legacy is to conquer the world by strategically expanding territories, engaging in battles, and making lasting modifications to the game board and rules. The game offers a dynamic and evolving gameplay experience, where players shape the game world through a series of interconnected campaigns, leaving a lasting legacy of their actions.