What is the objective of the game Scythe?

"Scythe" is a highly acclaimed strategy board game designed by Jamey Stegmaier and published by Stonemaier Games. Set in an alternate history 1920s Europe, the game combines resource management, area control, and engine-building mechanics to create a complex and immersive gaming experience. The objective of "Scythe" revolves around achieving both military and economic dominance, while also establishing your faction as a prominent force in the land of Europa.

In "Scythe," players assume the roles of leaders representing one of the seven unique factions. Each faction has its own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities. The game board is divided into hexagonal territories, and players vie for control over these territories as they aim to expand their territories, build structures, deploy mechs, and accumulate power.

The primary objectives of "Scythe" are as follows:

  1. Achieve Star Achievements:
    • "Scythe" features a scoring system based on achievements, known as "stars." There are six different star categories: popularity, combat strength, resources, structures, mechs, and objectives. Each star represents a different aspect of your faction's progress and power.
  2. Gather Resources:
    • Players must gather resources such as food, wood, metal, and oil to fuel their actions and progress. Resources are crucial for constructing buildings, recruiting mechs, and upgrading your character's abilities.
  3. Control Territories:
    • Territory control is a fundamental aspect of "Scythe." Players must move their units onto territories, gaining control and potentially extracting resources from them.
  4. Build Structures:
    • Constructing structures like buildings and monuments not only contributes to your economy but also helps you achieve star objectives. Buildings provide various benefits, including resource production and special abilities.
  5. Recruit Mechs:
    • Mechs are powerful units that offer different abilities based on their type. Recruiting and deploying mechs can be essential for both defense and offense, as well as achieving star objectives.
  6. Enlist Workers:
    • Workers are essential for performing actions such as producing resources, bolstering combat strength, and constructing buildings. Managing your worker placement is crucial for efficient resource management and action execution.
  7. Balancing Power and Popularity:
    • The game incorporates the balance between power and popularity, with players needing to carefully manage their militaristic expansion while maintaining the favor of the local populace.
  8. Complete Objectives:
    • Throughout the game, players have access to objective cards, which offer tasks that, when completed, earn stars. Objectives can range from amassing specific resources to controlling certain territories or achieving a balance between power and popularity.

The game unfolds over several rounds, during which players take turns performing actions that advance their factions' goals. While the core objective involves achieving stars and fulfilling objectives, "Scythe" is notable for its strategic depth, tactical decisions, and multiple paths to victory. The game encourages players to develop their own unique strategies based on their faction's strengths, resources, and interactions with opponents.

Ultimately, the objective of "Scythe" is to lead your faction to supremacy by strategically balancing military strength, economic development, and achieving star objectives. The player who most effectively combines these elements and scores the highest number of stars emerges as the victor, solidifying their legacy as a powerful leader in Europa's alternate history.